Scalable Programs

We design your data risk management program to fit your business

One size does not fit all . . . especially when it comes to a data risk management program.

We look at the data breach risks, listen to your goals, examine your business situation, and address the needs of your commercial customers and members for breach security and risk mitigation. Then we design a scalable, Commercial Data Risk Management program that meets your goals and matches their needs—now and in the future.

You could think of your Commercial Data Risk Management program as an umbrella of security tailored to the storm. That umbrella is supported by our exclusive data risk management tools, industry best practices and the services provided by our team of experts. This means both you and your institutional customers and members will get significant business benefits.

We provide you and your customers and members with real-time, 24/7/365 access to our exclusive, password protected data breach response website. This customizable website features numerous resources to help prepare for and respond to a breach incident. You and your customers and members will find:
  • Customizable incident response plans
  • Third party contact information
  • Victim notification data
  • Facts about how our Resolution Center provides assistance for victims whose information has been exposed
  • Breach terminology and research
  • Helpful tips and hints to help avoid a breach
  • Instructions to get assistance from the experts at CyberScout


To help your program succeed in keeping data safe and secure, we also offer:
  • Training for your staff and agents on our Commercial Data Management program and how to provide assistance to customers and members when they experience a breach incident
  • A toll-free hotline number to handle your breach calls
  • Personal-touch, step-by-step assistance from our caring and highly trained fraud specialists to help breach victims protect their identity, sign up for fraud monitoring services, and recover from identity theft or account takeover
  • Access to our Knowledge Center for daily updated news alerts, monthly newsletters and educational information on breach risks, protection of data, and the identity theft landscape
  • Data breach and data risk management consulting solutions for optional assistance with privacy, digital forensics, compliance, and breach notification printing and mailing
If you need identity theft assistance, call your provider organization to be put in touch with the CyberScout Resolution Center. More information for individual consumers.