Client Testimonials

What our business partners say about us

Our customers speak highly of CyberScout's expertise and caring staff, and comment on how easy they are to work with. They enjoy the service and peace of mind that CyberScout provides.

"We appreciate CyberScout’s business model as it mirrors PEMCO’s commitment to customer service. It is a win-win partnership."

-PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company

Farm Bureaus in 14 states offer their 1.6 million member families security and peace of mind through CyberScout—a comprehensive identity theft resolution and education program. AFB, Inc. has promoted the CyberScout program because of its strong customer service and resolution capability. As a grassroots organization that advocates for farmers and ranchers and supports rural America, Farm Bureau offers services to our members that have a long-lasting, positive impact for their families and their businesses. CyberScout meets that criterion.”

-American Farm Bureau Federation

"The CyberScout team provides a quick response to any request for help or advice with identity theft issues or our marketing. They are professional and courteous and willing to go the extra mile.

"Identity theft is a big concern of our customers and we feel good about offering them services from CyberScout because we know they will receive caring attention and excellent advice or assistance.

"We couldn’t be happier with our client relations manager. He is our lifeline and always available to support our marketing or training efforts."   

-California Casualty Management Co.

"Our members who have used the CyberScout service tell us they feel like they are in good hands. We feel confident in the service being provided to our members, and it helps members recognize us as their go-to financial institution.

"One of our members had such a ‘wonderful’ experience with the fraud specialists at IDentity Theft 911 that he called us back just to let us know. He was so pleased with the way that their representatives took the time to fully educate him on all aspects of the process and to provide future recommendations.

"Consumers have a lot of concerns these days about fraud and identity theft. By integrating the 
CyberScout services to our premium checking account options, we are able to more easily 
upgrade members and offer them more peace of mind.

"The teams at CyberScout are always helpful and responsive, with an arsenal of information available very quickly. The process by which our staff can transfer our members to the identity fraud specialists is simple and seamless.

"Having the CyberScout services as a feature of our Premium Checking Account allows us 
to increase the number of our ‘relationship checking’ accounts and deepens our member 
relationships. When eligible members have concerns or incidents of identity fraud or identity theft, they 
are always pleased to realize that help is at their fingertips."

-Vantage West Credit Union

"CyberScout provides us with an ease of doing business and helps to facilitate the process of converting awareness into demand. Through our partnership, we have direct access to knowledge experts and fraud specialists, so we can deliver the most value to our policyholders.

"CyberScout provides business solutions that we can integrate easily and has played a role in educating our customers that resulted in an increase in business being generated." 

-Great American Insurance Group

"I was involved when we were first signing up with them. We were very impressed with their services. Implementing the program and rolling it out to our customers, the farm mutuals companies, was a piece of cake. Our competitors at the time were charging as much as $100 to get the coverage. The arrangement we had with CyberScout was just a percentage of the premium. We added it for no charge to home and farm policies. It was very affordable and a good deal for everyone.

“We went to visit CyberScout because we thought the deal was almost too good to be true. We didn’t know what we were going to find.  It was very impressive operation. They had a call center where they were busy handling cases and it continues to be effective. We hope to continue our relationship with them."

-Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company

"Our account manager at CyberScout gives one-on-one attention. He is very willing to answer questions and help generate ideas, and genuinely interested in finding ways to help us achieve our objectives.

One of the best benefits of  their products is the value they add to what we offer our policyholders."
-Grange Insurance

"We will continue to strengthen our business partnership with CyberScout. Their cutting-edge products, monitoring, and resolution services consistently exceed our expectations.
"Whether it’s a question about technical issues or new products, the team at CyberScout always offers stellar customer service, clear communication, and prompt resolution to each of our requests.”

-Co-operative Insurance Companies

If you need identity theft assistance, call your provider organization to be put in touch with the CyberScout Resolution Center. More information for individual consumers.