Customer Satisfaction

Victims report nearly 100% satisfaction

We genuinely care what your customers, members, employees, and data breach victims think about our personal-touch fraud specialist help. So we ask each and every victim who’s utilized our identity resolution and identity theft protection services to rank their level of satisfaction.

Victim survey results consistently report nearly 100% satisfaction. In 2010 alone, over 99% were satisfied with our fraud specialist services. In fact, victim satisfaction results averaged 4.85 out of 5, on a scale where 5 shows that they are “very satisfied.”

In addition, victims told us what they considered the most beneficial aspects of having a dedicated fraud specialist to help them. They reported that:

  • We minimized their frustration
  • Our process is very thorough
  • We save them time
  • We save them money
When you choose CyberScout, your organization can take advantage of these consistently high satisfaction numbers for your own customers, members, employees, and breach victims.

Victims express their thanks to our fraud specialists

“Excellent Service. Our fraud specialist was able to lead us through this process making an unpleasant situation more bearable. Knowledge of the process, professionalism, and knowing what to say and when to say it made it a pleasure to work with her. Very glad we had these services available.”

"She was professional and reassuring during a most disconcerting time."

"My fraud specialist was the best thing to ever happen to me in a crisis. She kept me calm and reassured. I have never been treated so royally in my life."

"You are the best! You made it so easy! Thanks for all your help!"

"Absolutely wonderful service. I feel as though I can breathe again."

"Our fraud specialist was very helpful in helping us to understand our options. She was very 
professional, patient and caring, and because of this we know that this unfortunate situation is 
being addressed properly."

"My fraud specialist is highly professional, calm, and understanding. She went to bat for me 100%. She was quicker and more efficient than any person at any agency I have ever worked with."

"Our fraud specialist was very kind and listened patiently to our concerns and frustrations. She followed up quickly with paperwork, offered great advice, and really came through for us."

"My fraud specialist was extremely knowledgeable about what had happened with my account. She made the call for me and stayed on the line until the offending company responded satisfactorily. She minimized the frustration to the point that I felt I was victorious."

"The follow-up phone calls were great. I felt my fraud specialist’s concern, which kept me strong 
while dealing with the frustration from the IRS. I felt they had my back. She always gave me 

"This is an excellent service and very worthwhile. My fraud specialist gave me information 
about my situation that no other entity provided. She walked me through documents and web 
pages that I would not have understood."

"I greatly appreciated how we were handled. The professionalism, thoroughness, and consideration were immensely reassuring during this very scary event."

"My fraud specialist explained everything in full and was available when needed. In addition, 
she was able to secure enough information from one of the merchants where fraud had occurred 
to allow me to file a police report, which resulted in a felony charge being issued."

If you need identity theft assistance, call your provider organization to be put in touch with the CyberScout Resolution Center. More information for individual consumers.