The Risks

Identity thieves are out there…we’ll help meet the risks

In 2012, the number of victims totaled 12.6 million, with the mean cost to consumers increasing from $354 in 2011 to $365.

When you provide your policyholders,customers, members, or employees with our LifeStages Identity Management Services, you provide them with steps to enhance their identity protection, as well as an invaluable reason to stick with you. That’s because different stages of life or life events–like birth, military deployment, travel, moving, and even the death of a loved one–make them and their families more vulnerable to identity fraud.

*Javelin Strategy & Research 2012



“I wanted to say thanks for all your help during my identity crisis. You were always reassuring and helpful.“"

If you need identity theft assistance, call your provider organization to be put in touch with the CyberScout Resolution Center. More information for individual consumers.