Resolution Services

Identity fraud is a mess. But you can help clean it up

Every three seconds, a new person falls victim to identity theft in the U.S.*

Sadly, some of your customers, members, or employees will be in this growing group. And many more will face identity issues throughout their lives.

They’ll feel empty. And angry. And fearful as the bills and charges rack up, their issues are unresolved, and their questions go unanswered.

But what a relief when help is on call! CyberScout’s fraud specialists will work one-on-one with each victim to:
  • Soften the crime’s impact and help stop bills and charges
  • Sort things out with government agencies, credit companies, the IRS, and medical providers
  • Set up fraud alerts to help impede new credit-related crime from happening again

Our LifeStages identity management services will earn loyalty and referrals for you–without major IT or procedural changes. Identity fraud victims will appreciate that services are there when they need them.

* Source: Federal Trade Commission, 2010.

One of our members had such a wonderful experience with the fraud specialists at CyberScout that he called us back just to let us know.

They feel like they are in good hands and we feel confident in the service being provided to our members."
-Vantage West Credit Union

If you need identity theft assistance, call your provider organization to be put in touch with the CyberScout Resolution Center. More information for individual consumers.