Addressing the Risks

Throughout life, we address the risks your customers face

Whenever identity theft or account takeover happens or there’s an identity-related risk, LifeStages identity management services are there to protect your customers, members, and employees. We address the risks at every age and stage of life, especially when there are:


We help address debt tagging risks

We help address debt tagging risks by protecting your customers, members and employees with our LifeStages identity management services.  Among other things, our fraud specialists can:
  • Provide education about debt tagging, what it is and how it can affect you
  • Check your credit reports to see if you have been a victim
  • Help remove fraudulent entries on reports


We help address child risks

When you protect your customers, members, and employees with our LifeStages identity management services, our fraud specialists can, among other things:
  • Check to see if credit files exist in their child’s names (minors should not have credit files)
  • Help remove fraudulent entries on reports
  • Freeze the child’s credit files until they turn 18 years of age (with parental approval and assistance)

We help address military service risks

Our fraud specialists help service members safeguard their identities by placing an active-duty fraud alert on their credit file, helping them opt out of mailing lists and pre-approved credit offers, and working to replace stolen or missing personal or professional documents and identification.

If identity theft or fraud does find a foothold, service members gain peace of mind knowing they have a dedicated ally at home working to restore their good name.

We help address death risks

When someone passes on, your customers, members, and employees are most vulnerable. When you protect them with LifeStages identity management services, our fraud specialists can make sure they’re not traumatized again at the hands of an identity thief. This identity protection helps the bereaved navigate the maze of paperwork needed to collect vital documents, notify credit issuers, clarify credit accounts, and stop direct-mail and email solicitations.

We help address tax-related identity fraud risks

Our LifeStages identity management services provide assistance to your customers, members, and employees to help:
  • Determine and verify if they are a victim of identity-related tax fraud
  • Provide the IRS with claims and documentation
  • Assist the IRS in correcting tax records
  • Request to have an identity theft marker placed on their files (may cause a delay in receiving refund)
  • Resolve tax-filing issues so victims may receive the tax refunds they deserve

We help address medical identity theft risks

Fraud specialists will take action to help:
  • Detect and correct fraudulent entries to patient medical records
  • Deal with doctors, hospitals, and often-relentless collection agencies to resolve fraudulent claims and billing
  • Correct errors to medical records
  • Recover missing medical records and bills

We help address travel-related identity risks

Whether a customer, member, or employee is traveling at home or abroad, fraud specialists are available to provide identity management guidance to help:
  • Replace documents while travelers are still away from home, enabling them to return home
  • Act as a single point of contact for communicating with family and friends in an emergency situation
  • Alert appropriate institutions about the potential for fraud
  • Resolve any identity theft issues that crop up later from missing travel documents

We help address moving-related risks

With our LifeStages identity management services, our experts will be on standby to place 90-day credit file alerts (if requested), help replace lost or stolen documents, and help:
  • Provide identity protection and safeguard financial, credit, and identity data during a move
  • Serve as a point of contact for communication with agencies, institutions, employers, and family
  • Verify that utility accounts from the old address are closed, reducing the opportunity for new residents to use customers’ identities
  • Provide guidance in replacing missing driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, utility bills, tax documents, and more
  • Provide guidance to ensure addresses are updated for sensitive documents such as 401k, bank, mortgage, or credit statements
  • Reduce damage and risks if identity fraud occurs

We help address break-in-related risks

After thieves break into their home, car, boat, or RV, our fraud specialists provide assistance to help:
  • Place a fraud alert on the victim's credit file to deter identity thieves from opening new accounts
  • Provide guidance in replacing stolen documents such as birth certificates, driver's licenses, passports, and tax documents
  • Assist in filing police reports

We help address disaster-related risks

Your customers, members, and employees can count on fraud specialist support and help to:
  • Guide victims through the recovery process of replacing driver's licenses, Social Security cards, birth certificates, tax documents, financial papers, and more
  • Act as a central hub for communicating with relatives, friends, government agencies, health care providers, and insurance companies
  • Prevent or reduce losses from identity fraud
  • Begin the process of identity resolution, minimizing damage and getting people back to their lives

I’ve personally used their service when I got married. They sent me exactly what I needed to change my social security card and driver’s license. They made it easy."
-Employee, Grinnell Mutual

If you need identity theft assistance, call your provider organization to be put in touch with the CyberScout Resolution Center. More information for individual consumers.