Who needs identity management services . . . and why?

More than ever, your customers, members, or employees live in the shadow of identity theft and identity-related concerns. It has topped the FTC’s list of consumer complaints for 10 years in a row.*
People need protection throughout the major stages and events of their lives–getting married, joining the military, traveling, attending college, getting a job, and filing tax returns.

Whenever they have questions, people need someone to talk to whom they can trust. Our fraud specialists are on call to assist.

Your organization benefits as well. Identity theft protection fills a growing need, and offering this protection helps your company:

With acquisition efforts . . . to attract new people
  • Increase market share/revenue (via additional members/customers)
  • Attract new employees (if offered as an employee benefit)
Win referrals, recommendations, and endorsements
  • Those whom you already serve will be grateful to you when their losses are stopped, documents are restored, red tape is cut, and creditors are satisfied
Build loyalty to your business 

Increase retention of customers, members, and employees

With CyberScout’s LifeStages™ Identity Management services, you can provide this help. It’s easy. It’s fast. No need to make any major changes to procedures nor is it necessary to involve your IT department. We’ll take care of the details and support your business. No additional staff is required and your staff does not need to educate themselves on the intricacies of identity theft. Our expertise reduces your time needed to market and offer this service.

At every stage of life when your people look for identity protection help, we’ll come to the rescue on your behalf.


* Source: Federal Trade Commission, 2010


Identity Theft is a big concern of our customers and we feel good about offering them services from CyberScout because we know they will receive caring attention and excellent advice or assistance."
-California Casualty Management Company

If you need identity theft assistance, call your provider organization to be put in touch with the CyberScout Resolution Center. More information for individual consumers.