Operational & Data Risk Management

We’ll review the operational health of data risk planning

The fallout from a data breach can be ugly. The results can include fines, penalties, litigation, angry customers, damaged reputations, and lost business.

Avoiding such a dire picture boils down to preparedness.

To stay prepared, data risk management is a critical component of your overall operational risk management posture. It reduces risk by identifying the types of information your business handles and puts the right controls, protection protocols and response plans in place before you need them. With the proper protection, a data breach incident can often be avoided altogether or, when impacted, can provide a quick, informed, and efficient response.

We can provide an Operational & Data Risk Management Health Check to evaluate your protection posture and plan, including a review of:
  • Data risk management related security policies, procedures, and practices
  • Information system administration and management
  • Information asset identification and management
  • Data breach and information security incident readiness
  • Access control, devices, and entitlements
  • Internal control, audit, and testing practices
  • Privacy and compliance policies and practices
  • Training, communications, and operational management
  • Employee information security and investigation policies
In addition, we can also help businesses review banking practices to help them keep their financial resources and bank accounts secure. Plus, we’ll help you address employee hiring practices, integrity, and human resources security practices.

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-Warren Buffett

If you need identity theft assistance, call your provider organization to be put in touch with the CyberScout Resolution Center. More information for individual consumers.