Digital Forensics

We provide the expertise necessary to investigate a data breach with forensic technology and protocols

Should a data breach occur, our incident response team is able to use widely accepted forensic tools to collect and preserve digital evidence for analysis and support our clients’ need for the admissibility of evidence in a legal proceeding.

When a data breach occurs, it requires a rapid but carefully designed and executed response. Our team preserves evidence that is commonly lost in normal operations, to target the most relevant information first.  We take an investigative approach in analyzing what information was exposed, how the exposure occurred, how to stop an ongoing breach and how to repair the damage. Count on us to:

  • Provide assistance in reporting a breach
  • Reduce the cost of investigations
  • Investigate lost or stolen data
  • Quickly determine the origin, nature, and scope of confidential data loss
  • Identify files that have been accessed, created, modified, transferred, or deleted
  • Provide recommendations on what steps to take to keep data safe
  • Preserve evidence

The responsibility for security and incident response does not belong solely to IT. A proper response to a data breach is a thoughtfully designed, coordinated and practiced plan that involves all impacted departments."
-Deena Coffman
CyberScout, Chief Information Security Officer

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