Identity Theft Resource Center and CyberScout Partner to Produce Research Reports, Track Breaches

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The non-profit and company have teamed up to study and communicate research efforts involving data breach incidents

The Identity Theft Resource Center® (ITRC) today announced a partnership with CyberScout™ (CyberScout®) for their corporate sponsorship of ITRC’s Breach List, supplemental reports and related research efforts involving data breach incidents. Together, the two organizations will drive awareness regarding the growing number of data breaches and the potential risk of identity theft, which may plague a consumer for years to come.

“With support from CyberScout, we will be able to further continue our efforts in collecting, tracking and understanding the complex issues surrounding the growing number of data breaches,” said Eva Velasquez, President and CEO, ITRC.  “Heightening consumer awareness about the various types of risks posed by different types of data breaches is fundamental in helping consumers understand the value of personal identifying information,” Velasquez added.

The ITRC Breach List is a compilation of data breaches confirmed by various media sources and/or notification lists from state governmental agencies. This list is updated daily, and published each Tuesday. Breaches on this list typically have exposed information that could potentially lead to identity theft, including Social Security numbers, financial account information, medical information, and even email addresses and passwords.

“Breaches and the identity theft that inevitably flows from them are the third certainty in life,” said Matt Cullina, CEO, CyberScout. “The ripple effect of breaches can ruin businesses and devastate consumers. The resolution services  offered by CyberScout and ITRC assist identity theft victims every day and we’ve certainly seen the effects on consumers, like incorrect medical charts, inability to obtain a mortgage, and even an arrest. Many of these fraudulent activities trickle down from the flood of data on the black market after a breach.”

The ITRC began tracking data breaches in 2005 and since that time has been maintaining an extensive database capturing and categorizing U.S. data breaches into five industry sectors with a number of other attributes when available (such as how information was compromised and type of data).  ITRC Breach Reports and ITRC Breach Stats Reports are published weekly and are often cited throughout the year by industry leaders in national media including: USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Today Money, Information Week, TechWorld, and ComputerWorld.  This data breach information, and available statistics, have become a valuable resource for media, businesses and consumers looking to become more informed on the need for best practices, privacy and security measures in all areas – both personal and professional.

The groundwork for this partnership between the ITRC and CyberScout began last fall at the Privacy XChange Forum which explored Privacy in the Digital Age.  This event brought together thought leaders and executives from government, as well as financial, insurance, education, healthcare and privacy sectors.  The ITRC and CyberScout developed ways they could collaborate in an area where both had vested interests – the analysis of the everyday data breach occurrence and the impact on consumers and businesses of all sizes.

About the ITRC

Founded in 1999, the Identity Theft Resource Center® (ITRC) is a nationally recognized non-profit organization which provides victim assistance and consumer education through its toll-free call center, website and highly visible social media efforts. It is the mission of the ITRC to: provide best-in-class victim assistance at no charge to consumers throughout the United States; educate consumers, corporations, government agencies, and other organizations on best practices for fraud and identity theft detection, reduction and mitigation; and, serve as a relevant national resource on consumer issues related to cybersecurity, data breaches, social media, fraud, scams, and other issues.    

Visit Victims may contact the ITRC at 888-400-5530.

About CyberScout™ (CyberScout®)

Founded in 2003, CyberScout™ is the nation’s premier consultative provider of identity and data risk management, resolution and education services. The company serves 17.5 million households across the country and provides fraud solutions for a range of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, the country’s largest insurance companies, employee benefit providers, banks and credit unions and membership organizations. A subsidiary of CyberScout, CyberScout Consulting™ provides information security and data privacy services to help businesses avert or respond to a data loss incident. Together, the companies provide preventative and breach response services to more than 600,000 businesses in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.  CyberScout is the recipient of several awards, including the Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service and the Phoenix Business Journal Tech Titan award for innovation in breach and fraud-fighting services. The company is the organizer of the Privacy XChange Forum, an annual conference that brings together high profile privacy thought leaders. For more information, please visit,, and

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